TRL  Trucking LTD

    TRL Trucking, which stands for Tyler Reed Leischner Trucking was incorporated in 2001. TRL will now be operating out of their new location at 227 Elevator Road -- Trochu, Alberta. Previous to this, Tyler worked alongside his Dad Reed Leischner of Leischner Trucking.

    With over 20 years experience in the trucking industry, Tyler is confident that he will continue to successfully serve his Alberta customers with the quality and efficient service that they have become accustomed to.

    TRL Trucking will strive to become a successful contributor; in both the business world, as well as the community. The company keeps up to date with all safety measures and holds regular safety meetings. This insures the well being of the employees and further enhances the success of its operational activities.

    Tyler knows that with the opening of the new state of the art facility, their potential for growth is very attainable. The success of TRL Trucking will be further enhanced by the employees and the many years they have already contributed in the industry.

TRL Trucking Ltd. Provides the Following Services:

  Vacuum Services
    - Rigs & Tank Cleaning
    - Spill Clean Up
    - Fluid Transfers
    - Land Spreading
    - Production & Completion Services

  Steaming Services
    - Tank Cleaning
    - Equipment & Facility Washing
    - Tower Flushes
    - Cooler Foaming
    - Culvert Thawing

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